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In the supervision sessions, I create a framework in which the supervisees can view, describe and reflect on their professional practice from a greater distance.

Development of questions that relate to specific aspects of one’s own thinking, feeling and acting are largely based on changing perspectives (inside-out/pro-contra). The focus is not on deficits and problems, but on focusing on one’s own resources (team, person, organization).

The goals are:

  • Expansion and deepening of one’s own possibilities, limits, attitudes etc.
  • Change of one’s own behavior
  • Improvement of knowledge about social and institutional framework conditions for professional action
  • Expansion and deepening of social action competence
  • Solution-oriented approach

I offer:

  • Individual supervision: as a dyadic relationship between supervisor and supervisee for reflection on professional issues
  • Group supervision: individuals from the same or different professional groups with different institutional backgrounds for reflection on professional activity.
  • Case supervision (individual and group): Bringing in and discussing specific cases from professional practice.
  • Team supervision: Work and communication processes and related issues are the focus. Members share the same institutional background with each other, reflecting with the supervisor on the shared work situation.

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